Greek public TV signal back on air

ERT HQGreece has switched it public TV signal back on, as the government looks to transition to a new service following its shut down state broadcaster ERT last month.

According to AFP, a screen reading ‘Greek public television’ (EDT) began to be broadcast yesterday on the main digital TV frequency formerly occupied by ERT.

“This is a transitional phase. Very soon the new public television programme will be on air,” Greeceā€™s deputy minister responsible for public TV, Pantelis Kapsis, is quoted to have said.

The government reportedly aims to launch a temporary service until it hires staff for a new broadcaster by autumn.

ERT was controversially shut down last month in a bid to save money, causing the loss of 2,700 jobs. The new smaller-scale public broadcaster will have fewer than half the staff a Greek government spokesman said last month.