Show of the Week

Show of the week: Massive Monster Mayhem

Easily one of the maddest, noisiest and most ambitious children’s series is Massive Monster Mayhem, which Canada-based DHX Content senior VP and general manager for kids and family Ken Faier describes as “Total Wipeout meets Power Rangers”. “It’s one of the most fun programmes I’ve worked in on in kids TV – genres all mashed […]

Show of the Week: My Style Rocks

Turkish format developer and distributor has form in the shopping format space, with its Shopping Monsters selling around the world. The Istanbul-based company has also found success with My Style Rocks. The daily stripped format has performed well, with the Turkish version at more than 1,000 episodes and seven seasons. In Romania, a third season […]

Show of the week: Letterbox

The Weakest Link creator David Young realised there was a format in Letterbox when his two sons managed to involve an entire restaurant in a game of hangman while on a skiing holiday. “People were shouting out answers, and I realised competitive hangman could be very fun and accessible as a format,” he says, adding: […]

Show of the week: The Locker Room

European football – and the English Premier League in particular – is driving public debate as clubs and broadcasters pay huge fees for players and TV match rights. Belgian format The Locker Room shows the other side of sports. Amsterdam-based Lineup Industries took the hour-long format to MIPCOM with two seasons of strong ratings on […]

Show of the week: Cram

Cram tasks contestants with watching  45-second videos and then recalling details on subjects from dogs to Leonardo da Vinci. The team that ‘crams’ in the most facts about each video wins. The 10x60mins show is adaptable and is “flexible” in terms of schedule, according to Pascal Dalton, VP of global format sales at distributor ITV […]

Show of the week: Chamelia

Most chameleons like to blend in, but Chamelia changes colour to match her feelings and embraces life with a flare and style of her own, say the producers of this new preschool series. The aim is to get Chamelia’s colourful feelings to help connect the community together. Young viewers follow her day-to-day adventures as she […]

Show of the week: All Together Now

All Together Now is the latest BBC Saturday night talent format, with the USP being it brings together the urgency and storytelling of singing competitions such as The Voice and the spectacle and collaboration of choral shows such as The Choir. “The starting point for development was identifying that there’s something in the air around […]

Show of the week: Buying Blind

Buying Blind is a “classic Red Arrow format in that it’s a noisy, must-see primetime show that over-delivers for its budget and can carry a schedule”, says Harry Gamsu. Red Arrow International’s VP of non-scripted has been pushing the format since before MIPCOM, where the reaction was decidedly positive. The series continues in the Red […]

Show of the week: Porus

Porus is one of those series that genuinely offers the international drama market something different. The series, which believed to be the most expensive India has ever created, is fully produced and owned by an Indian company, One Life Studios, runs to length, and follows a story based on fact from the country’s distant past. […]

Show of the week: Welcome to the Wayne

Welcome to the Wayne debuted on the Nick linear channel in the US in June. The property had existed for three years before that, however, first debuting as a web series on in 2014. “The property is a great example of an authentic transmedia property, packed with action, adventure and otherworldly awesomeness,” says Viacom […]

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